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  Scott W.

Scott stands with his BMW R100 GS with Ulan Bator as his back drop
Scott with Ulaan Bataar in the Background

The purpose of the people on the road section is to showcase the wide ranges of people and personalities that one meets on a trip like this.  People from all walks of life are encountered.  On the motorcycle we seem to meet more types than many other forms of travel which is what makes this medium fascinating to me.

One person and his family, whose job is to help people, it was our pleasure to encounter in Ulan Bator.

Also having a deep interest in motorcyclists and adventure riding Scott contacted me via the internet after finding about our trip off Adventure Rider.   Working for the US State Department as a diplomat, he gave us many helpful suggestions for our trip through Mongolia even before we arrived.

A career diplomat that has worked in different countries through out Asia, Scott has the foreign service in his blood following closely in his fathers footsteps who also specialized in this part of the world meaning Scott grew up all over Asia.

An extremely personable and giving character who shared an example of this when he offered to meet us on his own BMW adventure bike that he had brought over from the States, at the border when we arrived.  Click for a description of this journey.

Typical of his disposition, Scott offered for all three of us to stay at his place for a few days to clean up an prepare for the trip to the Gobi, which we gladly accepted staying a couple of more days than we intended due to problems with my battery (sorry Scott!)

Meeting his amiable wife, Jamie, we were given a room to stay and a hot shower which removed half of the road from Ulan Ude from us.

His house was like a palace to us.  Large and roomy it had all the modern appliances included a washing machine which we were in dire need of. Total luxury compared to what we had been staying in since leaving the States.

I could continue to talk about all the sacrifices he and his family made for us, but I would be talking forever on that subject.  Regardless to say, Scott helped us more than we could ever repay and made sure that we were taken well care of making our trip to Ulan Bator and Mongolia the most pleasurable of experiences.

From all the three of us, including Ilja, Roman and Mirella we thank you and your family from the bottom of our hearts Scott.

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