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Shaun  Munro

Date of Birth: 23rd November 1971
Location: L.A Baby  - On the Road - On an Island
Birthplace: Christchurch, New Zealand
Occupation: Airline Pilot
Hobbies: Reading, motorcycling, helicopter and fixed wing flying, scuba junkie, skydiving and was (sigh) an enthusiastic mountain biker once.
Favorite Books: Love to share this stuff and hear good suggestions - Check out my recommendations
Travel History: 44 countries and 6 continents so far . . .  My favorite places that I have been to are Iceland (Holmavik!), Vietnam (Nah Trang), Morocco (scorpion waking me up in the Sahara by inspecting my face)  I can't wait for Kyrgyzstan which has always been another aspiration. My goal is to live and work in all 7 continents (4 so far) and experience the symphony of cultures those continents have to offer.
My Favorite  Moments: This could be many things.  But what I really enjoy doing above all is two.  One is to inspire others to fulfill their potentials and assist them in doing so if they so require.  Secondly is to sit in a cozy cafe, located in a city I have not been to before, sipping a smooth cappuccino whilst perusing a great book and watching the crowds.
Motorcycles: First bike was in New Zealand, since then done Vietnam on a trip, as well as having a bike in Hong Kong.  The Dakar is my second F650 and was purchased specifically for this trip
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