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Henning Lorenz
Date of Birth: 01/28/65
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Birthplace: Germany
Occupation: LOL, Everything from Army Officer to Consultant.......see resume if you care for the details. 

I was born in Darmstadt Germany....long romantic story about being born a poor German farm boy and all that.  Lived in various places in Germany and eventually migrated to Bennington, Vermont with my parents in 1980.  Once there I had the pleasure/pain to attend catholic school (explains my S&M tendencies).  While in High School I also joined the VT National Guard and went to Basic Training and Armor AIT during my summers. After High School I went to the University of Vermont where I received a degree History and German Literature Major and ….. compliments of the US Government, got my US citizenship and a ROTC scholarship which financed the whole experience and kept me in drinking money.  Following UVM I had six months of travel time before reporting to my Officer Basic Course….I spent the entire time traveling Europe/Asia from Sweden to Turkey, and had wonderful experiences.  Following this, things turned into a blur with time in the Military, and various Marketing and Sales positions that took me to VT, AZ, MA and OK.

The next Major events were getting married and going back to Graduate School.  I choose Thunderbird because I missed the international flavor in my life.  From there we got to spend a few years living in Bangkok and Honk Kong where I met and worked with Shaun - while traveling the region for work and pleasure.  Then with the Asian Crash of 1997 we moved back to the US and decided NYC was the place to be. Worked in the .com craze and cashed out of before the crash.  Now I am divorced, live in Jersey City NJ and am going on a bike trip that is somewhat like taking a wrong turn and deciding to take the long way home.  Next…..who knows what crazy idea I will come up with.

Travel History and Hobbies:

I enjoy travel (35 countries and counting), mountain and road biking, motorcycling, playing pool, reading, spending time with friends, lively debates, drinking Islay single malts as well as meeting new people.


I started on a 90cc dirt bike when I was 12 (vacationing in the US) after that I managed to borrow a variety of off road machines from neighbors and friends (yes, dad did not approve of my having a bike).  Then while traveling in Europe during the late 80’s I rented bikes to travel through Greece and Turkey.  Following this I gave up bikes except for the occasional ride on a friends bike (yes, I convinced Matt to let me ride his Virago and Harley when I did not even have a license …… I think he is still in shock).  A year ago I decided to get back on a bike and take to the road.  Have loved it ever since but still feel paved roads are a bit boring so decided a DS machine was the way to go.

Resume: Hennings Curriculum Vitae
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