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  Adward Spitsin

Matt, Henning and Adward Stand before the Stalin's Mask - a tribute to the prisoners of the gulags

Shortly before we departed Magadan, at the Automobile Registry Agency we encountered a most interesting character.  Approaching us in the parking lot with stumbling but passable English was Adward Spitsin.

Adward is 43 year old extreme sports and adventure junkie who was born in Magadan and has returned after his numerous travels.  After leaving school he joined the russian navy as a submarine mechanic and spent a good number of years touring the world from the depths of below, so probably not seeing a whole lot of it.

After leaving the navy, Ad worked as a search and rescue swimmer in various spots in the Russian far east as part of a helicopter rescue team.  Now far from being anchored he runs a Komatsu dealership that supplies the Japanese construction equipment to the numerous mines that inhabit the region.

After showing us photos of his previous motorcycle trips around the province he then took us in search of some jerry cans we were in need of and then guided the group out to the coast where he paraglides with about 20 other fellow magadanians.  He also skydives, powerchutes, kayaks and numerous other sports.  Those that know me, can imagine my thrill at finding a like minded character.

Soaring in Far East Russia

To see these types of people over here is refreshing, from the perspective that regardless of the difficulties that they may have faced in the past, they are fulfilling their adrenaline needs without interference from the government.   Not only is it interesting that the DRD4 gene is evident everywhere in the world one may be, but it is alive and well here in Russia.

One week after we departed Magadan, Adward was due to leave on a similar trip out to Germany on a much smaller bike. 

Best of luck to you Ad and it was a pleasure for all of us.