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  Dmitri Alexanderovich
Dmitri takes a big bite out of lifeWhile checking into a Gustonetsa (Hotel) in Yekaterinburg, we were approached with a smile and a warm handshake by a tall and energetic individual by the name of Dmitri.

Having noticed us in our motorcycle attire and also with an interest in such activities himself, Dmitri welcomed us heartily to his city and then told us that he would give us 1 hour to get ready before showing us the town.

This is typical of Dmitri's personality as we were to find out over the next few days. Full of life, he is one of those individuals that radiates energy and character.

Born in 1967 and old enough to remember the previous 'era' as he called it, Dmitri is a successful business owner who is a natural at what he does. Running a chain of automotive

supply and service centers called 10Makc, Dmitri is always on the go, and always has that much left over.

During our very enjoyable stay in this semi-European city; technically still in Asia, Dmitri seems to take it upon himself to be our host almost treating it like a personal responsibility.

Including showing us the city and discussing in great detail and enthusiasm its history (among such facts as the pointing out the church where the last tsar was dispatched), Dmitri also introduced us to the local motorcycle chapter "The Black Knives" as well as taking us to a most interesting party that had lasted two days fueled by Vodka (not entirely uncommon).

Making sure we were introduced to the local BMW service center and just generally greasing the way his remarkable charm and effervescence, he ensured that we will always remember him and Yekaterinburg took on a facet of his personality for us.

As mentioned previously, Dmitri is old enough to remember communism, but also young enough to speak excellent English.  This enabled us to get a question answered that we had always discussed since we first set foot in Russia;  What was Russia really like before, from the perspective of a Russian?  How much of what we heard from the western media and leaders was true and how much was overly exaggerated?

Dmitri's answer was to explain that his life could be broken down into three era's.  The first being growing up under communism.  The second was his time in the merchant Navy where he had the freedom to travel and the last being under the "New Era" - after communism.

  Hear Dmitri talk about the final two era's

It's a pleasure to meet a new face of Russia and the view of the future that lies ahead for it given the chance.

I'm excited to see what lies ahead for this big country and the big personality known as Dmitri.