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Ingrid discussing a picture she took of Killer Whale called miracle hunting a Mako Shark Ingrid Visser - Whale and Dolphin Specialist Photos of Old Magadan from walk down to the sea 26th June:  Final report before departing Magadan 4th July:  Video capturing some of the dusty conditions we are encountering June 21st:  Flight from Alaska with bikes on board 4th July:  Susuman stopover July 5th - July 10th:  Water Crossings (MUD) Adward Spitsin:  Russian Extreme Sports Junkie July 1st to July 13th: Magadan to Yakutsk Photo Gallery July 13th-19th: Yakutsk July 22nd -24th: Neryungri July 25-27th: Skovoradina waiting for train to Ulan Ude July 10th:  Xandiga July 29: Ulan Ude July 29th:  6000 Miles since L.A July 21st:  Yakutsk to Skovoradina July 21st:  Yakutsk to Skovoradina

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