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Click on a position to view report.  Last update: 28th August 2003.

People on the Road: Scott W Aug 7th:  Lost Already Aug 9th: Showing Monks the Bike Aug 9th: Wide Open Spaces - The Steppes People on the Road:  Godzilla Aug 9th:  Stuck in a not so dry Lake Aug 11th:  Riding the Ridges Video: Yolin Am Video: Russian Lost in the Desert Aug 14th: Visit by the Locals in the Light Snow Aug 19th: Checking the GPS Aug 15th: Reading Harry Potter to the Locals Aug 16th:  Riding the Roads Video: Everythings Breaking Aug 19th: Ancient Monestry Audio:  Buddist Monks Audio: Crickets Aug 21st: Left Behind Audio: Two Weeks July 31st:  Two Kiwis Audio:  Native Mongolia String Instrument Aug 7th:  Russian Border to UB Mongolia: Riding the Steppes

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