Saturday, October 04, 2003  

All together now

Ilja and I finally got rid of Shaun and were happily riding along down to the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, when a familiar, though slightly damaged, face appeared in the mirror. Shaun had caught up to us. We swapped stories of police blockades and then made our way into the Caucuses.

We have entered a completely different climate zone. Its back to Summer after waking up to ice on the tents and frozen water bags. The temp. today was in the 80s and the leaves are all green again. After a very twisty and surprisingly well paved road we made it to the Black Sea resort town of Sochi. From here we will take a ferry to Trabzon, Turkey, which leaves either tomorrow evening or Monday morning (they still don't know, such is Russia).

We've had a melancholy few days dealing with the fact that we will be leaving Russia. This is a country that never ceased to surprise us with the friendliness of its people and the variety of the landscape and cultures.

A note to all male readers, do not, I repeat, do not go to Ekaterinburg. Its a horrible city and you should just stay away. The three of us will continue to monitor it and let you know if things improve. I know its a hardship, but we're willing to carry that load for the benefit of all mankind.

The history we have passed has been mindboggling. Travelling through Volgagrad and contemplating the hundreds of thousands of men who died fighting there and now we are in the Caucuses, the land where Jason and the Argonauts found the Golden Fleece and the center of our linguistic heritage. Next stop takes us to the site of the Black Sea flood that spawned the Babylonean myth that ultimately led to the stories of Noah and Gilgamesh.

We should be able to update the site in Istanbul (not Constantinople, but that's nobody's business but the Turks).

posted by matt; | 6:40 PM

Thursday, October 02, 2003  


Now known as Volgagrad somewhere in the south of Russia and not far far from Europe (proper)

I am here for only a couple of hours before heading on to the black sea. Matt and Ilja should be somewhere in the vicinity and will also meet me at the black sea as I wanted to ride alone for the shortest of times. The cultures and languages have changed as we are heading south but the temperatures are still a little chilly representing well the splendid colors available on the passing forests we are encountering.

So much to say and tell and talk about The Party in Yekaterineburg before we left - will go with the explanation as to what happened to my camera and my nose (which is a sore sight at the moment). Will have to wait till next time

All part of the journey and enjoyable every single part of it. Take a moment and celebrate life with me and what we are all capable of.

All who are sending me emails - thanks! and I will do my best to reply next time as I only have a couple of minutes now!

Turkey awaits . . . . .

posted by Shaun; | 11:04 AM








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