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Tired of the Rat Race?  We were.

In May 2003, three friends packed in their jobs and left the safety of an ordered existence to continue a life long affair with traveling.  This time on motorbikes.

Starting separately in Fort Lauderdale Florida, New York City and Vermont, we rode our BMW's 27,000 kilometers across north America, through Asia to Europe. . . .
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Police and Banya's

Along the roads in Russia there are multiple police barriers where papers are checked and the information duly noted in a log book. At most of these we have been quickly processed or merely waived through. However, on one particular day we were detained for further interrogation at what we had thought would be a routine stop. We were led into a back room and given mind altering substances, shown a force of arms, stripped down, locked in a small hot and humid room and beaten. Matt made a break for it before being caught near a river and brought back to the police barracks. [read more]

Vodka Hostage Taking

Any traveler to Russia will no doubt experience a vodka hostage taking. Essentially you are befriended by some stranger and invited for a "malinka (small) vodka, chut-chut (tiny), Russian tradition". Sure you think, its a tradition, the guy seems friendly, one quick drink and I'm on my way. Don't be fooled. As quick as the first shot is drunk, a second is poured .  .  .  . [read more]

More Stories

Susuman and Hitting a Dog - Matt describes arriving at the far east Russian Town of Susuman and trying to avoid a dog playing catch.

Lords of the Mosquitoes - Far East Russia was a Mosquito nightmare - Shaun describes the experience

6000 Miles of Thoughts - Giving up everything you own and jumping on a motorcycle unsure of where you will end up produces a fair share of thinking - Shaun talks more about the feeling.

Riding the Mongolian Steppes - Nothing can describe the joy of riding out the Mongolian steppes and Gobi Desert - Shaun tries to.

Visit to Gallipoli - Shaun describes visiting the historical Turkish Battlefields of Gallipoli - scene of a major WWI battle

Stolen Bikes and the Atlantic - Matt and Ilja have their bikes stolen in the Netherlands and Matt makes it to the Atlantic

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Matt ponders a broken sign in the Gobi

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Many things break on the road - here are the consequences

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Yolin-Am Strings, traditional Mongolian Music

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Slideshow of the Siberian Leg of Photos

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Kicking up our feet on the serene shores of Lake Baikal in central Russia we had an opportunity to meet a man of the earth and his family.

After taking a left turn from the road, we weaved our way up a path towards the lake where we were all keen to spend the night within view of one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world.  Finally the lake came into view and looked perfect for everything we needed. . . .  . [read more]

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